Garage Rentals

VIP GarageWhether it’s a bright sunny day or pouring down rain, the weather can be hard on your cars and your crew. Don’t leave them out in the cold (or heat)! We have car storage and garages available for rent. Prices and options vary.

Event Garages

Coming to an event at NJMP and want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a place for your cars and crew? We have garages available for rent at every event, whether it’s on the weekend or a weekday. Located in the middle of Thunderbolt’s paddock, our spacious event garages provide you with a place for you cars and crew to prepare and recuperate for your next race.

Contact registration for more info (856-327-7202) or  reserve an event garage online.

VIP Garages

Do your cars and crew need a little more TLC than a paddock garage can offer? Our VIP garages offer a little more luxury and privacy for race day. Located on the ground level of the VIP suites at the Thunderbolt Raceway, you will still be near to all of the action!

Contact guest services for more info (856-327-7202) or reserve a VIP Garage Online.

Shade Tree Garages

Looking for car storage in between events? NJMP offers auto storage in our Shade Tree Garages. Located on the outside of the “Light bulb” Turn 10 at Lightning Raceway, these Garages provide racers and car enthusiasts the perfect place to store their vehicles at the track between track days or in the off season.

Shade Tree Garages are fully enclosed garages – 15 X 25 (375 sq. ft.) in measurement including an 110V Duplex outlet and lighting.

Request More Information on storing your care in the Shade Tree Garages

Pricing Options:

6 Month
Garage Rental Contract

$1,950 per 6 Months
+ 6.625% Sales Tax
(Paid in full with one payment)

12 Month Annual Garage Rental Contract

$3,600 per 12 Months
+ 6.625% NJ Sales Tax
(Paid in full with one payment)

Download the shade tree garage application or Contact Rosemarie Grawl, (856-327-7247)

Additional Short & Long Term Storage

NJMP provides an area located near the Clubhouse for short- and long-term storage of competitor trailers and vehicles. Trailers or vehicles must be assigned a placement by a security staff member. Proper paperwork must be filled out at Registration and the trailer or vehicle must be parked by NJMP staff.

The following fees are charged:

$150/week ($25 for each additional day)

Additional electric fees:

$20/day, starting on the first day. This does not fall into the seven day grace period.

*All electric fees are in addition to storage fees.

For more information, please contact registration for more info (856-327-7202)