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With hours of track time and a catered breakfast and lunch, a Drivers Club member day is a driver’s dream experience.
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Drivers Club Track Days

Drivers Club members days are exclusive to members to their hosted guests, and offer progressive run groups based on drivers experience and car type. With hours of track time and a catered breakfast and lunch, a Drivers Club member day is a driver’s dream experience. And with more than 35 of them each season, there are a lot of miles and smiles on offer. Want more track time? Consider renting out the track at a special Drivers Club Pricing!

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Imagine a place without speed limits – a place to drive your car the way it was meant to be driven!

The Drivers Club at New Jersey Motorsports Park provides just that. The Drivers Club is an exclusive member association for those looking to drive their sports, classic, or high-performance car in a safe and controlled environment. The Drivers Club gives you the ability to enjoy your vehicle, enhance your driving abilities, and network with like-minded enthusiasts. The Drivers Club caters to a variety of driving interests, lifestyles, and vehicles – and can now be obtained through several membership options. No experience is necessary – we help you achieve your goals wherever you are in your motorsports lifestyle.

Membership Options

Standard Memberships can be obtained for a primary member and family members up to 20 years of age living at home.

Joint Memberships include two individuals with no business affiliation and full family membership benefits for both joining members.

Transitional Membership gives prospective long-term members the ability to “test drive” the club for a year before opting for a traditional membership option.

The Senior Membership is available for first-time prospective members aged 65 and over.

The Young Professional Membership is available for those under 40 years of age.

The Junior Membership is available for those under 30 years of age joining the Drivers Club as first-time members. Drivers of at least 15 years of age with an SCCA competition or comparable racing license are eligible to drive under a family membership.

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Meet Our Instructors

Instructors play a key role in our member’s development and help them master their skills on and off the track. 

We will be taking our Instructors program to the next level in 2024 with new options from professional drivers, teams, and coaches. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements. 

Pete Tremper

Lead Instructor - Pete has 45 years of experience driving HPDE, starting with the Porsche Club of America in 1993. He became the first PCA National Driver's Education Chair in 2001 and wrote the PCA National Instructor Training Program and HPDE National Standards.

Kevin Marcus

Instructor since 2009 - Kevin's passion for Motorsports began with go karting, then motorcycles, auto racing, and HPDE events. He maintained and serviced vehicles, eventually joining the Porsche Club. He worked with various clubs, including Porsche, Ferrari, and Audi, for over 30 years.

Tom Holmes

Instructor since 2012 - Tom grew up in Woodstown, NJ, has been racing and instructing for over 30 years for the Porsche Club of America and NJMP Drivers' club and is currently the Chief Driving Instructor for the Delaware Region of PCA.

John Pepe

Instructor since 2016 - From Berlin, New Jersey, he is retired from 41 years in manufacturing. He has instructed for organizations such as SCCA, MSF as a level 1 & level 2 instructor, and for BMW National Instructor Program. He spends most of my time instructing NJMP members, PCA events, and private events.

Alex Mayer

Instructor since 2009

Peter Theo

NJMP's Digital Instructor since 2024, Theo has spent 10 years in wheel-to-wheel racing and has devoted 7 years to motorsports data analysis. Working with groups such as Heinlein Racing Development, Radical North America, NJMP and more, Theo has a refined track experience.