Yamaha Champions Riding School

The Yamaha Champions Riding School’s curriculum has been training motorcycle racing champions, saving street riders’ lives, and even helping factory engineers since 1997. NJMP is proud to be the east coast home of YCRS. The coaching curriculum follows two overarching principles:

  • What techniques do the best riders in the world use to not only go fast, but do so without falling down? YCRS calls these techniques “Champions Habits” and specialize in teaching them to Any Rider, on Any Bike, and Any Road.
  • How a modern motorcycle is designed to be ridden. Motorcycles are literally designed by engineers that ride using the same techniques we call “Champions Habits” so riding the motorcycle in the same manner as these engineers is guaranteed to help you have more control over your ride.

YCRS says “Faster/Safer and/or Safer/Faster”. If your goal is to ride faster, YCRS can help you do that safer. If your goal is to ride safer, we can get you there faster.

YCRS offers three programs:

  • ChampSchool is their famed program that has been in place since the 1997 starting as the Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School. It features two days of intense training, NJMP catered breakfast and lunch both days, dinner with the staff in our Finish Line Pub on the evening of the first day, van lapping with a pro, and daily video review of your riding. This is the program that has them considered the top of the pyramid for motorcycle training.
  • ChampDay is their single-day, economy program. Run in a rotational format, ChampDay introduces riders to the Champions Habits and gives them supervised opportunity to practice them. While ChampSchool is considered the top program in the country, ChampDay is considered the best value in motorcycle training.
  • ChampTeam offers executive and business teams an opportunity to bond in an environment entirely out of their comfort zone… riding brand-new Yamaha motorcycles on a real race track. As a team, you will learn the critical skills taught to, and used by, the world’s top MotoGP motorcycle racers and Formula 1 drivers - skills that apply to both driving and riding as well as business and life. Your team will begin with a ChampBody class to help stretch and focus your body before you embark on your experience. We want your team to think about “where am I, what am I doing?” before any activity so they remain “present” in the moment - a key skill to success in any endeavor. The school environment is a combination of classroom and on-bike time. You will feel both fulfilled and exhausted after a day of riding. ChampTeam is a unique, luxury experience with fully catered meals, all the safety gear including full Alpinestars race leathers, gloves, boots, back protectors, Arai helmets, and the full range of new Yamaha motorcycles for your experience.

2023 Dates: May 16-17 June 19-20 September 26-27

Contact: 855-RIDEYCRS or email teachme@champschool.com