Track Map and Fuel Stations

Thunderbolt Raceway

The southern road circuit at New Jersey Motorsports Park is our signature Thunderbolt Raceway featuring 2.25 miles of asphalt, 12 challenging turns, a one half mile straightway and approximately 40 acres of full service paddock space. Amenities on this circuit include concession buildings, event garages, twenty (20) VIP Suites, banquet rooms, and a three (3) story timing tower with media center. Click here for a detailed Thunderbolt track map.

Lightning Raceway

The 1.9 mile northern circuit is known as Lightning Raceway. This 10 corner circuit is fast and challenging featuring some of the most interesting and dramatic corners and elevation changes in the park. The 20 acre paddock area has a 4 acre skid pad and autocross area, as well as concession areas, timing towers and school and drivers meeting room facilities. Click here for a detailed Lightning track map.

Go-Karting New Jersey

Connected to Lightning is NJMP’s 1.1 mile world class karting facility. The karting facility features eight dramatic configurations many of which can be run simultaneously. All eight configurations are designed to be run either clockwise or counter clockwise and just when you feel you’ve mastered the circuit, it’s time to point you in a new direction to learn all over again. Click here for a detailed Go-Karting track map.

On-Site Fuel Stations

You Don’t Have to Leave the Track to Gas Up and Go

For the convenience of customers, New Jersey Motorsports Park houses Sunoco fuel stations at both the Thunderbolt and Lightning Raceways. On track days the fuel stations are open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For major events or events that are longer than a normal track day (i.e. SCCA 12-hour events), the fuel stations will remain open extended hours.

The fuel station at Thunderbolt Raceway offers Sunoco octanes of 93 & 100 (unleaded) and 110 & 112 (leaded), while the station at Lightning Raceway offers Sunoco 93 & 100 (unleaded) and 110 (leaded).

The fuel stations are permitted to fill containers in proper five gallon red fuel cans only, per New Jersey state law. Larger fuel containers of 10 gallons or more (any color) are permitted to be used as long as as they are marked appropriately (stickers or writing on container that reads “FUEL”).


New Jersey Motor Vehicle Racetrack Regulations
Chapter 62