First Time Riders

The Riders Club Introductory School

This school is intended to introduce you to The Riders Club and to guide you through your first track day in a safe, enjoyable, and informative manner. If this is your first time riding on track, or your first time riding at NJMP, you will be required to attend the introductory class. The cost for a first timer is $200. You will have 4 on track sessions during the first half of the day and 4 sessions in the second half. Our instructors and coaches will work with you to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe first track day.

Motorcycle riding and racing can be dangerous; it should be taken very seriously, as should the consequences for making mistakes. All riders' lives and safety should always be the first priority while riding on track. Ride smart and safe - and have mutual respect for your fellow riders. Our goal is to improve your riding and raise your level of education so that you can achieve better and consistent results at any racetrack. Do not get discouraged! Take your time, learn the sport, and ask a coach for help if you need it.

What your first track day will look like:

All participants are allowed into the facility any time after 7PM the night before an event. Camping and electric are free during all Riders Club events.
  • For a Thunderbolt event: Come through the main gate and make a left. Go over the bridge and into the paddock. Registration will be held in the classroom (building across from timing tower) at 7AM the morning of the event. Tech is in the 1st garage behind the classroom. Register and receive your helmet sticket and tech form before heading into tech.

  • For a Lightning event: Come through the main gate and make a right. Follow the access road and go over the bridge. Make a left into the Lightning paddock. Registration will be in the classroom (door to the right side of the building). Registration opens at 7AM. Tech is in front of the garages. Register and receive your helmet sticker and tech form form before heading into tech.

  • All riders MUST attend the 8:15AM mandatory Riders Meeting. After the meeting, all Intro students will be asked to remain in the classroom to begin the class. You will have 30 minutes of classroom instruction before going out on track for your first session. You will report back to the classroom after each of the morning session. Your sessions will begin again after the lunch break. We announce the schedule over the loud speaker throughout the day.

Equipment Needed:

  • Helmet - undamaged, full-face, DOT, SNELL, or European standard approved, with eye protection. No flip-up helmets allowed.

  • Leather riding suit - for a two-piece suit, a full circumference zipper is required. Air mesh-style suits (where you can see skin through the material) will not be permitted in any group. Leather rentals are available through your trackside vendor. No jeans allowed.

  • Motorcycle specific boots - or any race-style boot that covers the ankle and are designed to protect your feet. Work boots or fashion boots will not be allowed. Rental boots are available from your trackside vendor.

  • Leather gauntlet-type gloves - must cover the wrists and leave no skin exposed

  • Back protector - strongly recommended

Tech Information:

  • Tires - should be at least 25%. Wheel weights should be secured to wheel. Valve stems must have caps.
  • Brakes - should be at least 25% life. Brake reservoirs should have adequate fluid and level. Brake calipers secure. Brake lever feel (does not touch handlebar when squeezed tight). Brake hose (condition and routing, no binding or interference).
  • Bodywork - clean and secure, no loose parts. Fairings and windscreen must be secure. Fuel tank secure, no leaks. All lights and reflectors removed or taped over. Mirrors removed (intro riders can tape over). Belly pan secure. Seat secure. Must have working muffler.
  • Engine - Oil drain plug, oil fill plug, and oil filter must be safety wired (expert and advanced riders must have these items safety wired, novice and intro strongly recommended).
  • Chassis - exhaust - all bikes must have mufflers in working order. Chain condition - alignment and tightness. Must have proper foot pegs in working condition. Handlebar and grips secure. Throttle is smooth and auto returns.

    Tech Form