Endurance Racing

Endurance Days

Reservations are strongly recommended. While Walk-ups are accepted, any Reservations may take precedent over those without.

Grab a few friends and team up for a 2 hour endurance race at Tempest Raceway! Teams will compete for the most laps in 2 hours. Karting Endurance Days are open to all drivers and teams, regardless of experience. This race will be run using NJMP rental karts.


  • Up to 12 teams of at least 2 people will compete in each Endurance Race
  • Cost is $250 per team, per race
  • Registration is required on Motorsports Reg link below
  • Each team will choose 2 karts to use throughout the duration of the race
  • It is mandatory that teams switch drivers every 20 minutes
    • The driver on deck will be given a 5 minute and 2 minute warning prior to the driver switch
    • At the 2 minute warning, the driver on deck will be brought in, seated in the 2nd kart. All of the 2nd karts will be released as soon as the 1st kart enters pit road
  • No aggressive driving allowed. Anyone driving aggressively or in a dangerous manner will be asked to leave the race

2021 Endurance Days

  • Sunday, March 21- 9am
  • Sunday, April 18 - 9am
  • Sunday, May 23 - 9am
  • Sunday, June 20 - 9am
  • Sunday, July 11 - 9am
  • Sunday, August 22 - 9am
  • Sunday, September 26
  • Sunday, October 31
  • Sunday, November 14

*Dates are subject to change

For questions contact (856) 327-7210 and [email protected]