Battlegrounds Paintball Rapid Fire! Overview

New Jersey Motorsports Park Battlegrounds Paintball “Rapid Fire!” allows groups and individuals of all ages to compete against one another or on teams in a non-contact, range style TARGET version of Paintball! Groups will have a choice of 5 games! Battlegrounds Paintball "Rapid Fire!" is my reservation only. Please click the link below to make your reservation!

Battlegrounds Paintball Rapid Fire! is perfect for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building
  • Family Reunions
  • Birthdays
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Youth Summer Camps


Saturday: 11a-5p

Sunday: 11a-5p

Open for groups of 10 or more by reservation only 7 days a week

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  • Continuous Shooting: Rapid Fire! In this mode, all targets are continuously active. You can select between an array of different types of sound bites (Zombie sounds, Screams, or Bullet Ricochets). When any target is hit, a sound bite will play. Once this game is selected, it will just continuously run.
  • Target Practice: In Target Practice, various targets award differing amounts of points based on target range and difficulty. You can customize your own game time anywhere from 59 seconds to 99 minutes per round! You have until the timer runs out to hit as many targets as you can and accumulate as many points as possible. Each time a target is hit, it deactivates for a short period of time forcing players to find a new target after each successful hit. When the game is done, the timer displays how many points were accumulated during that game. This is a wonderful game for competitions!
  • All Target: In this mode, all targets must be hit to end the game. The unit times you, which makes it another great game for competitions! When all targets in a tier are hit, players will hear, "Tango Down". This will happen for all three tiers. Once done, the timer stops, and you can log your time. Once a target it hit, it is considered dead, and no longer does anything until the game is done.
  • Quick Draw: This is the simplest mode available, but a lot of fun. Players being by facing away from the targets, kneeling, and aiming their marker to the ground. Then players will stand, turn around, and shoot any target in 3... 2... 1... GO! Once any target is hit, the timer stops. Also, a great game for competitions!
  • TEN-Hit: Hit ten targets as fast as you can. Once you have accumulated ten hits, the game is over. Log your time. This game also produces exciting competitions to take part in.

  • Minors

    Anyone under the age of 18 who is utilizing the paintball facility must have an executed Minor Participant Guardian form or have a parent or legal guardian present. Click here to print out the Minor Participant Guardian Form. Please note: Minors who do not have a executed Minor Participant Guardian form will not be allowed in paintball park.

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