About NJMP

South Jersey’s Premier Destination For Events And Entertainment

Motorsports and Much More

When you think of New Jersey Motorsports Park, what do you think of?

Is it the park-like venue for concerts and comedy shows, food truck festivals, motorless nights biking and hiking, 5k mud runs and obstacle races?

Is it the Finish Line Pub – the area’s finest public restaurant?

Is it the exciting and challenging public go-kart facility?

Is it the experiences – karting, axe-throwing, food and beverage – that make NJMP the perfect choice for your next group outing, team building, party, or special catered event?

Or is it the two world-class road race tracks, offering everything from spectator events for modern and vintage car and motorcycle racing, to Track Days and Schools where you can realize your dream to get on track?

Sitting on more than 500 acres in Millville, NJ, NJMP is the premier motorsports and entertainment complex in the Northeast. It is home to two world-class road courses – Thunderbolt and Lightning – in addition to Tempest Raceway, one of the top outdoor karting experiences in the U.S.

NJMP’s extensive facilities offer off-track events that everyone can enjoy, individual and group experiences, restaurant and lodging, catering, and spaces for your group event, party, or meeting.

And, of course, NJMP offers on-track events and infrastructure for everything from major professional racing series to track days where you can take your car on track. For car and bike enthusiasts, membership in the Drivers Club or Riders Club provides an exclusive motorsport country club opportunity for those caught by the bug, with the Exotic Car Garages and Shade Tree Garages also available for purchase or lease.

The property itself, adjacent to the Millville Airport, has a rich history. Dedicated in 1941 as America’s First Defense Airport, Millville played a key role in the country’s World War II military efforts.

The Millville Army Air Field opened as a gunnery school for fighter pilots for the Republic P-47 “Thunderbolt” in 1941. During its four-year existence, about 1,500 pilots received advanced P-47 Thunderbolt fighter training here.

New Jersey Motorsports Park embraced this rich history by naming its marquee 2.25-mile racetrack “Thunderbolt Raceway.” The 1.9-mile road course – Lightning Raceway – is named after the P-38 Lightning, a WWII fighter aircraft.

New Jersey Motorsports Park also carried the historical WWII theme by naming its trackside condominiums “The Villas at Breighton.” Breighton was the name of an allied airfield in Great Britain, where many of the Millville trained P-47 pilots served during WWII.

Other ties to the WWII theme include the English Tudor design of the clubhouse, the Officers Club Q-Hangar design that contains Cumberland County’s largest banquet facility, and the Timing Tower that resembles a WWII air traffic control tower.

While building the various structures at New Jersey Motorsports Park, many WWII artifacts were found and collected for display at the Millville Army Air Field Museum, located on the opposite side of the Millville Airport. The Bore Site range, located just outside Thunderbolt Raceway Paddock was used by Thunderbolt pilots during training as a range to calibrate their machine guns.

Today, a P-47 Thunderbolt “No Guts, No Glory” aircraft is based out of Millville Airport. It is one of only nine in the world that still flies. Keep an eye on the sky when visiting NJMP – you may just see one pass by overhead.