Exotic Car Garages

Your life is your passion, and we give you the space – every exotic, high performance and classic car is as different as their owners, so why should garages all be built the same? Show off your vehicles personality in one of NJMP’s Private Garage Condominiums. Phase III Available Now!

Exotic Car Garages at New Jersey Motorsports Park are your choice for when excellence matters. With the completion and sell out of Phase I & II of private garage condominiums, the demand for Phase III track-side units is higher than ever before. Create the garage space of your dreams with unlimited customization options and the built in convenience of community amenities: 24 Hour Security, Clubhouse Pool & Restaurant, two world-class road courses, a private Drivers Club membership program, one of the top outdoor Go-Karting facilities in the United States, and more.

There are many options for size, location, and footprint within the property including:

  • 20’ x50’ (1,000 square feet)
  • 24’ x 50’ (1,200 square feet)
  • 28’ x 50’ (1,400 square feet)
  • 30′ x 50′ (1,500 square feet)

The ceilings, which are insulated and finished, will be 18-feet which will allow for lifts & stacked storage and 150-AMP electric. 14’ High by 14’ or 16’ Wide Insulated Raised Panel Garage Doors with Remote Opener (depending on unit) also come standard in Phase III of the Exotic Car Garages.

Additional Standard Features & Amenities Include:

  • Climate controlled garages
  • Sprinkler system
  • CO2 detectors
  • Water and flood drains
  • 24-hour security
  • Interior Water Hose
  • Garage Lighting Package
  • Sewer connections
  • Cable Connections
  • Ground level sliding glass door
  • Entrance door
  • Ground level patio (size TBD)
  • Owners and their Immediate family members (guest fees do apply) will have access to The Clubhouse Pool.

Click Here to receive additional information on Phase III of the Exotic Car Garages at NJMP

Depending on the location of the garage in the property footprint, preliminary per-construction prices start at $150 per square foot for the garage space and standard features. The level of taxes and association fees will be based on the size of the space.

Phase III Progress: Exotic Car Garages

Progress continues on Phase III on NJMP’s Exotic Car Garages – the excitement continues to build as we get one step closer on construction! Only 5 units left available for purchase. Don’t miss the opportunity to create your personal dream space from a blank canvas. No matter what type of vehicle you are looking to house, the degree of customization is unlimited.

For more information on how to own your completely customizable dream space click here: http://bit.ly/1M6Rnvk

Available Options and Upgrades

  • Outside deck overlooking the Thunderbolt Racetrack
  • Deck Sliding glass door and windows
  • Elevated Loft with staircase, painted drywall and baseboard, additional sprinkler head, outlets and ceiling lamps
  • Powder Room
  • Powder Room with shower
  • Kitchenettes
  • Upgraded electric source

Preferred Partner Upgrades:

  • Wine Cellars, Custom Bars, Entertainment Centers
  • Custom Flooring, Shelving and Wall Units
  • Home Theatre Packages, Music Systems
  • Mechanic Tool Packages, Lifts, Tire Changers
  • Furniture Package

NOTE: All amenities are subject to change based on availability and final design. Our project developer and designers will help you customize your dream space right to the last detail. Call us today at 856-327-7201 to begin your journey!


Jerry Raffa – NJMP Exotic Car Garage Owner

“When I found out NJMP was building Exotic Car Garages on the track I was one of the first to buy. As a racer and collector, the convenience of having my cars there to work on or drive on track was a key selling point. Since then, I’ve customized my 1500 sq ft garage to hold 6 cars and a lift, as well as adding a 500 sq ft loft with kitchen and bath, plus a deck where we have front row seats to all the races. I’m also a NJMP Drivers Club Member, so we take advantage of the pool, clubhouse, tennis court, paintball, karting, restaurant, pub and social events with the great people I’ve met there. It’s been a fun experience learning how to drive on a serious track. My NJMP Custom Garage was originally built for me, but I share it with my race team buddies and use it with my family almost every weekend. Now I’m on the committee to add even more family oriented amenities!”

Steve Tullman – TWR Racing Team/Exotic Car Garage Owner

“As NJMP Drivers Club Members and racers, we rented 2 garages for our cars, but my business partners and I decided it was a smarter investment to purchase a secure, climate controlled Exotic Car Garage to store our 6 performance cars, tires, tools, etc. The convenience of not trailering cars, plus having easy access to 2 racetracks on member days or SCCA race days, is fantastic. NJMP isn’t far from my home in Pennsylvania, and it’s near Ocean City so I can take my family to the beach. I’ve been to many tracks with private garages and the options NJMP offers are unmatched—The amenities are way above expectations for most tracks. It’s an inexpensive investment for all you’re getting, which is a tremendous value. Ownership of such a unique piece of property that’s also in limited supply at most tracks is truly an asset.  We may even add a second garage soon!”

Yiani Galanos – NJMP Exotic Car Garage Owner

“In 2014, I purchased a NJMP Exotic Car Garage and Drivers Club Membership. It’s one of the best investments I ever made and would recommend it to every car guy, racer, collector or enthusiast. If you love cars, you belong at NJMP. You can even rent your garage to other car guys. I started with 500 sq ft and ended up with 3 large spaces, including 1500 sq ft downstairs featuring a glass garage door to view the track. I’m building a 1000 sq ft second floor that overlooks my cars and lifts below, plus adding 2 big bars and a wrap around deck facing Thunderbolt Raceway. Entertaining friends and family is a priority, including karting with my youngest son or working on cars or bikes with my oldest. I consider myself the luckiest person in world. Sometimes I’m too busy to use it often but, just knowing my garage is there gives me pleasure. If you’re a car guy, this is the closest to heaven you ever get.”

Dave Shields – NJMP Exotic Car Garage Owner

“I loved the idea of a car condominium for car guys to be able to hang out, work on our cars and as an added bonus be able to take that sports car on a first class motorsports track. My 1,000 ft. space is a trackside unit that allows an excellent view of the Thunderbolt racetrack for viewing racing events but yet the whole building has been designed to offer privacy and exclusivity. Given all the amenities that the track has built including an in-ground pool, clubhouse with restaurant and bar, karting tracks, motocross/ATV riding track and paintball course it has expanded to a full entertainment complex that the whole family can enjoy.”

Preferred Partners

Frankentek Residential Systems

Frankentek is a design, engineering, installation, and service company based in Medford, NJ with over 20 years in residential and commercial electronic installations. Installers are trained and certified through CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association). Frankentek takes no shortcuts and handle each installation with great pride. Clients genuinely appreciate the craftsmanship and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the job was done right.

Taylor Made Custom Cabinetry

Taylor Made Custom Cabinetry is unmatched in creating the most distinguishing and appealing custom furniture in New Jersey, Philadelphia and greater Delaware Valley homes. Whether you envision transforming your sitting room into a stunning library or add a touch of beauty to your exotic car garage, Taylor Made will create your vision. We provide innovative design with exquisite craftsmanship that is second to none. Taylor Made provides the service of manufacturing bars, kitchens, libraries, entertainment centers, wine cellars and more.

Garage Concepts of New Jersey

Garage Concepts of New Jersey is full service custom garage re modeler. Garage Concepts offers a wide variety of products that will transform your garage. We carry super strong storage and racking systems, custom built work areas, attractive epoxy polymer floors, vehicle lifts and much more. We can give you a garage to meet your specific needs. Our installers are trained and experienced, our service is exceptional and our prices are reasonable and affordable.

3d Gaucho

3D Gaucho is a full service 3D design studio in North Jersey with decades of passion for visual design and geared with the latest technology for the creations of any innovative project weather being commercial or residential.

Gary Douredjian is an architect by trade but a very passionate self taught artist & 3D visualist…..he & his staff have a keen eye for visual perfection and will stop at nothing to achieve the perfect look of the project in effect. We will take you through the design process by sending you progress visuals until together we find the soul essence look of your custom tailored space. We express 3D renderings by either using our own design ideas or implementing your partners, designers, contractors, etc. to achieve a ‘team’ supported final design. Please feel free to visit us at 3DGaucho.com to view several of our past works & samples. “imagination is more important than knowledge”

Building Phase II

Building Phase I

Photo Credit: Craig Matthews of The Daily Journal